Divine Acceptance ~ Divine Greeting Card


This Divine Greeting & Calligraphy is called Divine Acceptance.  The inside of the card is blank for your message.  The back of the card offers the Message, as flowed by artist and messenger Gary Savitsky with this Divine Calligraphy, and is taken from his book of these original artworks and their connected messages and meaning, Divine Messages - A Book of Healing and Transformation for Spirit, Mind, Emotions, And Body. (Also available through this online store)

Divine Acceptance
For us to move forward, sometimes we need to accept.  Sometimes we need to know that it is alright not to accept as well.  It is important to know when to push forward and when to change directions.  Divine Acceptance, its energy and message, help us in this regard.  Without acceptance we can become stuck and stagnant.  Take a moment to accept yourself, let the message and energy expressed by this Divine Calligraphy awaken acceptance within you, for yourself and for others.

May you hold this card and feel Divine Acceptance within and all around you.

**The following represents the Divine Greetings insert you will receive with your card**

Divine Greetings

Messages Designed to Still the Mind, Wake Mystery & Stir the Spirit


This is no ordinary greeting card,

it is extraordinary,

Divine by nature and

an evolution in the art of communication.


Each image is a unique Divine Calligraphy created with you in mind,

with Us in Mind, the collective We, as connected to all of life and the energies of this world and beyond.


This is an experience, an opportunity to not only reach out to a loved one, a friend or potential one, a colleague or a stranger in need, but to reach IN, within yourself…

To that place where wisdom, compassion, creativity and love lie.


This is a Thin Place, where the veil between the physical and spiritual world is thinned, where the power of your thoughts can shift perception, ignite authentic communication and infuse the recipient (and you) with whatever connection you seek and need.


This is a (nearly) lost art, the art to reach out with the heart, through a pen, with written word and thoughtful image, that cannot be discarded with a delete button,

but will be cherished and appreciated beyond your imaginings.


You are giving the gift of yourself in this, and to make it easy,

we walk you through the step-by-step process to create and send the message herein. 

Be you a person of singular expression or a poet,

rest assured the image and energy will compliment whatever your message may be.



“After 30 years of studying the power of martial, spiritual and medical Qigong, (Breath-Work), Martial Arts, Ancient Chinese Medicine, the religions of this world, NLP and Sound Therapy in North America and in China, I was unexpectedly given a wonderful honour…to infuse energy into art, and Divine Calligraphies were born.  I am but a messenger, as are we all, and these Divine Greetings and Messages are my gift to you.  I hope they inspire you on your journey within and in relationship with others.” 

Gary Savitsky 


Embrace an EXPERIENCE to Still the Mind, Wake Mystery and Stir the Spirit


These Divine Greetings are designed to encourage and empower you to explore a unique experience as you communicate with the receiver.  As such, I invite you to embrace the following steps.


Some of this may feel familiar to you, or you may feel completely out of your element, no matter…

Congratulations for embracing something new or on a deeper level.

My promise to you is…this will be one of the most profound, invigorating or touching messages that your friend, colleague, loved one or even seeming stranger, will ever experience.

Simply enjoy the Process…this is where the magic lies.


Step 1. Still

Open the card and place it in front of you.

Still your mind by taking 3 long, slow, deep inhales and exhales.


Step 2. Wake

Hold the card in your hand. Tap the red calligraphy seal in the bottom right corner. 

This activates the energy of the card and the message. 

(You need not know how this works, but merely trust that after centuries of tradition, it does).

Look deeply at the Divine Calligraphy image, think of the title and say its name 3 times.


Step 3. Stir

Think of the person you are sending the card to and make a vivid, colorful, mental picture of them in your mind.  Make the picture larger and transform it into 3D, a lifelike image.


Step 4. Be Stirred

Bring their image from your mind into your heart center and think of what you feel for them,

Appreciation, Kindness, Compassion, Respect, Friendship, Love.

Surround them with your feelings, adding the Divine Calligraphy message.  Sit and enjoy the experience.

Now… Open the card and write them your Heart’s message.


Once you are finished, tap the red calligraphy seal again, saying “Thank you” for the experience, for your mind, and for the heart you put into it.  And then send and watch as the magic unfolds.


For more information on Gary Savitsky, Divine Greetings, Messages and Calligraphies visit www.garysavitsky.com