The Story

As author, artist, messenger, facilitator, spiritual mentor and holistic practitioner, Gary Savitsky is dedicated to inspiring people, teams and communities to embrace their internal wisdom and guidance, and use these innate gifts to experience and create harmony in the world.   

After 30 years of training and studying Martial Arts, Ancient Chinese Medicine, Christianity, Buddhism, Taoism, Martial-Medical-Spiritual Qigong, NLP and Sound Therapy, in Canada, the US and China, Gary’s inspired insights and practical tools, empower us to shift and flow with the energy within and all around us.  

Gary’s book Divine Messages, Inspirational Divine Greeting Cards, one-of-a-kind Divine Calligraphies, Divine Greetings and his many programs and talks, allow all to Still the Mind, Wake to Mystery and Stir the Spirit.  In this, we are able to tap a Thin Place, where the veil between the beauty of our individual humanity and the collective power of the Divine is thinned – here, we glimpse true freedom and Everything is Possible.

Gary's Mission...

My mission is to: ~ Inspire all people to understand that a Thin Place, the place where the veil between our precious human individuality and our collective Divine magnificence is thinned, lies within each one of us. 
~ To provide opportunities and tools to empower people, organizations and communities to still the mind, tap the power of breath and energy, wake to Divine mystery and be stirred to conscious, powerful action, to ignite shift, healing and true potential within themselves and in the world.


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